Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Kids

This post is all about my kids. They are awesome. They drive me crazy sometimes... okay, a lot, but they are awesome.

This is my Pete when she was about 5 months old. She didn't have any hair until she was about 2, so I used to scotch tape bows to her head! She now has a full head of hair that I threaten to cut every day because she cries when I brush it. She is so much like me it is scary. I wished for a strong, independent girl, and wow did I get my wish. I can see her having a rough go at life and I just hope I am prepared to help her to handle that. I can already see that she has a different view on things than most other kids and tends to be a little bit of a pariah when she is in a group of kids. I was the same way. It's a hard way to be.

This is the ear piercing sequence. She was quite content holding that mouse, and let us mark and
remark her ears several times. But as you see, she began to get a little worried...

And then...

Holy crap what the hell are you doing to me????

Incidentally, she has recently taken those earrings out. She wouldn't let me clean them. So, I took them out and she wouldn't let me put them back in. Strong will.

Ahhh, the 5th birthday. The one i swore she would never make it to. But she did, and so did I, amazingly enough. She is beginning to be more cooperative, and I am trying very hard not to treat her the way I was treated as a child. I refused to go along with the flow if it interrupted my life, and in the process was told a lot that things were my fault and I "ruined it" for everyone. I think there was a better way to teach me the those life lessons, and I have vowed to do that with her. So cheers to you Pete, I love you more than words, and I am so glad you are the way you are. Don't ever, ever, feel bad for it.


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Kelly said...

What a sweet tribute to your kids. They are just amazing...of course, i already knew that...but this just confirmed it! It is so great to hear such a detailed description from mom's perspective! I love both ear piercing stories...and I remeber the hairless Emily so well...and to think she had those cute pigtails on Saturday!

You are an amazing mom!...AND, what an excellent mission to take your experiences as a kid and change the experience for Emily...very noble...challenging, I know...but VERY noble! Won't it be fun to sit down with her in 20 years and see what a difference it made for her!!!