Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Kids, part two...

Hunter Jacob. We call him Jake. He is my guy. So hilarious, such a little bad ass! He's got my red hair, my Irish temper, and a charm that could knock your socks off (he gets that from G)!!!

It's a real bitch having a sister who dresses you up!!

He has a new talent for throwing fits, throwing anything he can get his hands on, and dressing up like Spiderman. He committed his first "murder" at age 3, when he threw Emily's hamster up into the ceiling fan, catapulting the poor thing down the hall and bring about his untimely death. He was known as the "hamster killer" for a while before I had to explain to Emily that it's not necessarily a good nickname to be saddled with so early on...

Jake also has "Jake babies" which have been in his belly, growing, eating, and taking the blame for all of the bad behavior over the last year. Just ask him. "Jake, what's in your belly?" Jake: my babies. "What kind of babies?" Jake: Jake babies. "How many are there?" Jake: 3. And they are going to pop out of my belly. "When?" Jake: When they are ready. Emily is very discouraged because these so called babies have not popped out yet, and the fact that boys can't have babies.

This is Jake's ear piercing sequence. (I didn't actually pierce his ears, but the girls at Claire's humored him, and I got a ton of disgusted looks at the mall, which i enjoyed immensely!) He insisted that he get his ears pierced too, and after picking out a magnetic fake diamond that looked HUGE on his little ear, he proudly got pierced. He even flinched when she "pierced" him.

You want to talk about laughing until you pee yourself, let me just tell you!

He is a character. To say the least! Jake, you are going to be a heartthrob when you grow up and I love you sooooo much. You'll always be my boy.

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