Monday, December 8, 2008

It's been a while

So it has been a while - I neglected this thing for a few errr, many months.

Once in the midst of spring, we are now entering the cold of winter and not too much has changed. I got through Emily's birthday, and her turning 5 wasn't too bad. We have tons of friends come and celebrate with us and though I've been meaning to, I haven't sent thank you cards (that was back in September). So hopefully everyone knows I'm thankful to them. I'd post some pictures but they are on my lap top, which is officially dead for now. I need to buy another power cord but they are so damned expensive. I've got one in WV, but just haven't been there lately to get it.

Anyway, hopefully someone will link me to the pictures taken this weekend of the Christmas party we hosted for the neighborhood families and the kids. It was a great turn out, and though I was not the creative genius behind most of it, I still felt quite a bit of accomplishment. I used to loose my mind when having to host these types of things, and my terrible overwhelming urge to clean up behind everyone left me having no fun at all. But lately I actually left the mess until THE NEXT DAY and went out with my friend Sara for drinks and socializing while we left the men here with the kids and the mess! It all got cleaned up (by Sunday evening!) and I had such fun catching up with our friends and neighbors. We are very lucky to live next to such great families. Our kids with have good friends to grow up with - so long as no one moves too soon!

I'm going to try to keep up on this thing so that family, friends etc. and keep up with me, the kiddos, and oh yes, my husband G ;-) We'll see how it goes, but maybe since we're stuck inside most days I'll have more time to post.


Aric and Megan said...

I didn't know you had a blog!! Awesome :)

Miranda said...

Yeah well, I obviously haven't been keeping it up ;-) lol

Kelly said...

Hee hee! A POST!!! I knew if I kept checking it would eventually happen!

We had SO SO SO much fun at the party! Thank you so much for including us in the celebration! I haven't loaded my pics yet, but I promise to share!

Thanks again and happy blogging!