Thursday, July 19, 2012

so annoyed...

People annoy the piss out of me sometimes.  I'm no freaking angel or perfect by any means, but sometimes I just cannot believe the sheer level of dumb asses that have forged down on this world.  There are no bounds.  Pure unadulterated dumbass-edness is infecting everything.  We live in this world where everyone thinks they are entitled to anything, anyone, and expect that it they are untouchable.  It seems like basic core values and decency have completely disappeared and we're left with people (and I use this term very loosely) who live life without any thought or consequence.  The current target of my, shall we say, 'anger' are those who misuse and abuse and use the system.  And by the system I mean any form of government aid being funded my my tax dollars.  Those on disability who can work.  Those on welfare who are unable to budget the funds they do have and allocate things like nail care and salon visits as a 'necessity'.  People who live beyond their means and are granted bankruptcy and after 7 years do it all over again.  There are so many, so very many out there who could benefit from any number of programs, bailouts or assistance but who have too much of a work ethic and conscious to take advantage of any of it.  So they (we) trudge on, saving, smartly spending, working, and providing for ourselves.  OMFG it makes be sooooooo angry.  I am going to be that crabby old lady refusing help from anyone on my porch yelling at everything that walks and 'these kids today'... wait, what? When did this happen?

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