Saturday, April 5, 2008


So my son's 3rd birthday party was today. G and I went out last night and lets just say that the thought of turning down another drink never crossed my mind. So i dragged myself out of bed at 10 a.m., pretty sure I was still tipsy at that point, and faced the day. I had shopping to do, decorations to put up, balloons to buy. I felt (feel) completely awful, but I made it through. G's parents showed up with the kids at about noon, and my mom showed up shortly after. Hamburgers were had, cake was eaten, all and all a good afternoon.

For whatever reason Jake turning 3 has been difficult for me. My little guy is growing up so fast, it's painful sometimes. There are so many things I can't remember - things I thought I would never forget, and as time passes, it seems like its all just one really long day. Emily turning 5 will be heart wrentching. I try to imagine what things will be like when they are older, how I will help them deal with the things I know life will inevitably throw at them. How I will be able to raise them to be good people in this mostly horrible world. It's a grim outlook, but it's real.

For now, getting through the temper tantrums, the negotiating and compromise, the melt downs and time-out's is tough enough. I just hope we all make it out alive.

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